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This ILLC wiki is intended to help members of the ILLC community to find their way at ILLC. The form of a wiki was chosen so members could actively modify content themselves if they know it to be wrong, outdated or incomplete. We therefore invite all members of ILLC to edit the content in case you think it is an improvement. Please make sure that the content you add is (1) correct and (2) not already available on another resource.

The latter condition touches on the following. This wiki is not meant to be exhaustive for all matters related to UvA, but will try to offer information pertaining to the ILLC and that are out of scope for the regular resources offered by the UvA. There are many informative website available already and we urge everybody to also look there if you have queries. Most notably the following excellent resources exist:

Information for all ILLC employees

  • Central UvA websites containing a lot of information regarding all sorts of things, like career and training, financial matters, ICT services, etc.
  • The ILLCDB is the institute's main resource hosting our administration database, the ILLC mailing tool, and our PhD programme and MoL programme progress tools.

Information for ILLC PhD candidates

Logging in and permissions

Please login by clicking the link in the top right corner. If you are a current member of ILLC with an UvAnetID you can log in with your UvAnetID by clicking the big blue button. All ILLC people with an UvAnetID have read and write permission.

Temporary guests, future staff, etc who do not yet have an UvAnetID can login using a username and password. These users only have read permission. Send an email to ILLC (see below) to get the login information.

List of pages on this wiki

See a list of all pages on this wiki here.


In case you have questions or suggestions regarding this wiki please send an email to or, depending on your unit affiliation.

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